The Pride of the US Capital – National Mall

The exhibits of the local museums are the works of art from around the world. The most important monument of the DC is located in the center of the Mall - a monument to George Washington, representing a marble obelisk (the highest in the world - 169 meters). In the western part of the Mall is the Lincoln Memorial with a statue of 16th US president, and his gaze is directed towards the Capitol.

A short distance away there is the National Museum of American History, or, as it was called “American loft”. Above all buildings of Mall majestically rises the dome of the Capitol (the tallest building in the capital, 55 m). On its facade there are frescoes illustrating 400 years of US history. Around the Capitol there are beautiful buildings of government institutions such as the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress. Nearby, among the shady parks and well-maintained lawns there is the residence of the president of the United States - the White House. The huge house is made of white sandstone, which gives it lightness combined with greatness.

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