The Land of Big Opportunities – Arkansas

For those who want a break from the hustle and bustle of big cities, get some fresh air, enjoy fishing, hunting, and traveling along the river, Arkansas - something that is necessary.

The capital of Arkansas is the most populous city Little Rock, located in the central part of the state.

By the way, once Arkansas belonged to France and the Americans bought the territory of the State from Napoleon Bonaparte for just $ 23 million. Now, Americans, French, English, Irish, Chinese, Syrians, Mexicans well, and of course Indians live in this state.

Among the sights of the city it is worth noting Arkansas State Capitol Building, built in 1915. It is a miniature copy of the Washington Capitol, Arkansas Arts Center, Museum of Science and Natural History, Douglas MacArthur Museum of Military History, open-air museum with the exposition of the development of the territory of Arkansas, and Old State Capitol. Symphony Orchestra and Repertory Theater work in Little Rock. And in 2004, in the city was opened the presidential library of Bill Clinton - a native of Arkansas.

On the territory of the Capitol there are various monuments and sculptures. There is also a second old Capitol building (1836), which is currently presented as a museum. On one of the floors of the Capitol there is a special exhibition “Call of Duty”, dedicated to veterans of Arkansas participated in the war from 1812 to the present day.

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